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Legal Responsibilities in Fire and EMS.

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Legal Responsibilities in Fire and EMS

Legal Responsibilities of Emergency Services Organizations
Emergency service organizations are entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of emergencies such as fire outbreaks, floods, and urgent evacuations. In delivering their services, they ensure that they stick to the stipulated laws such as ensuring that buildings have safety and emergency measures. Due to lawsuits that can be filed against them due to negligence, legal challenges include taking necessary steps to avoid wrong choices such as not installing safety precautions to prevent unnecessary accidents, for instance (Taylor, 2011). While wrong decisions can be avoided, the inclusion of legal counsel in phases of managing emergency comes in handy in avoiding compensations and damages charges. It is against that background that “litigation mitigation” emanates.
The goals of litigation mitigation are threefold: (a) reduce instances of legal claims; (b) improve life safety, and (c) enhance protection of property. The training of EMS lawyers is such that they look at the three top concerns mentioned above. In essence, leaders of emergency service organizations consider the concerns to reduce legal exposure of their companies, which result in higher property protection and enhance life safety (Taylor, 2011). Although the laws regulating the conduct of service emergency services can sometimes be involving, emergency heads could disregard l…

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