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Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare Management 2

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Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare Management 2

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: Health

Level: College

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Words: 275

Ethical and Legal Concerns in Healthcare Management
The submissions in the peer text are absolutely correct. The text uses credible evidence to explore legal and ethical issues necessary in deciding if a patient is mentally competent to make personal medical decisions. Appelbaum (2007) notes that law and ethics require physicians to seek validly informed consent of their patients prior to treatment. Physicians have to disclose all the necessary information to a patient with competency and the ability to make voluntary treatment decisions.
Consequently, to know whether a patient has a legally competent ability to make their own treatment choices, it is imperative to assess their mental capacity (Buchanan, 2004). The four primary elements to note in the capacity evaluation include the ability to communicate clearly, the ability to appreciate, the ability to understand, and the capacity to reason appropriately (Dastidar & Odden, 2017).

Patients with the ability to communicate their decisions clearly, comprehend their conditions, appreciate the outcome of their decisions, and understand the potential risks and benefits involved in the particular decisions, are legally competent to decide appropriately. However, given the precarious nature of some patients’ choices, ethics require healthcare workers to act with a high level of performance and accuracy concerning the appropriate criteria (Buchanan, 2004).
Healthcare workers occasionally encounter circumstances in which a pat…

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