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Encouraging the Heart

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Details Date Encouraging the Heart Part One: The Heart of Leadership Kouzes and Posner explore ways of making a good leader by appeasing the heart of humans. In the book “The Heart of Leadership,” the writers explore seven leadership essentials that can make good leaders. Conventionally, a leader should talk tough and act as if they do not care much of what happens next after making decisions, but, Kouzes and Posner tell of another way of achieving that desired goal through ‘soft leadership.' From the book, one derives the idea that, the traditional way of leadership is not the only way, people should get support, encouragement, and help each...


Leadership Student’s name: Institutional affiliation: Due date Sustainability is considered as the ability to maintain and meet the current needs without being able to compromise the future generations' ability to meet such needs (Portney, 2015). It helps in the avoidance of any natural resource's depletion thus maintaining an ecological balance. It has three pillars which include environmental, economic and social. Environmental sustainability mainly focuses on the ability to keep renewable resource harvest rates and that of non-renewable resources depletion which can in a position to be maintained indefinitely. Economic sustainability ensures that the level of any economic production is...

Leadership studies

Student’s name: Tutor’s name: Course: Date due: Leadership - Hackman and Johnson (2013) Introduction Authoritarian, Democratic and Laissez-Faire leadership styles are part of the major categories of the leadership styles identified by Hackman and Johnson. Authoritarian leadership style is the kind of leadership where a leader sets his or her goals personally without involving the followers. The leader practices only downward communication with the belief that the followers won't be in a position to function efficiently if he or she doesn't supervise (Hackman & Johnson, 56). This kind of leadership style is beneficial when a task needs to be performed faster as it helps in saving time...

motivation (how it benefits both the company and the employee) as well as support for your idea specifically.

Motivation Name: Institutional Affiliation: Date: Abstract Organizational culture guides all the interactions within the given organization. Therefore, it is essential to recognize the succinct culture that is practiced in every firm. Motivations are the forces that provide the individual with the impetus to establish given goal-driven strategies. The organizational culture is the collective beliefs that influence the relationships in an organization. Therefore, this means that motivation would be integrated into the culture of the given company. Motivating employees should be based on the provision of both financial and non-financial incentives, which will help in adding value to the...

Whats the impact of effective female leadership practices during times of crisis as compared to men

Crisis Leadership: The Impact of Effective Female Leadership Practices as Compared to men, a cross-cultural evaluation. Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Date: Crisis Leadership: The Impact of Effective Female Leadership Practices as Compared to men, a cross-cultural evaluation. Introduction Today’s world, whether it is the economic, societal or cultural aspect, demands competent leaders. Quick and witty decisions have to be made on a whim and in most instances of crises, there is little to no time to think. The question thus emerges of who between men and women make better leaders and ultimately who makes better choices during times of crisis. This is especially considering...

Organ Donor

Name of Student Course Tutor Date of Submission The Ethics of Organ Donation Background The medical practice of organ donation has seen a remarkable growth through leaps and bounds leading to the primary ethical dilemma. Transplants involve the surgical removal of a damaged or failing organ and replacing it with one from a different donor. From the first kidney transplant in 1954, medical, ethical and legal advances have been made. Besides, organ donation has now expanded to livers, lungs, hearts made possible by the development of anti-rejection drugs, artificial organs, and the use of animal organs for human transplantation. Critical factors such organ type, the distance of the donor from...

Theoretical Framework: Perioperative Leadership

Theoretical Framework: Perioperative Leadership Name Institution Theoretical Framework: Perioperative Leadership IntroductionThere is much information in relation to the concept of leadership, as well as theories and concepts, which define a good leader. Leadership refers to the processes and procedures of influencing the actions of a person of a group with the objective of accomplishing goals and targets in relation to a given context or situation. Leadership is all about the tendency to set the pace, as well as the direction towards the achievement of the desired status under the influence of innovative practice. From this perspective, leadership tends to involve affecting the performance,...

Professional Learning and Action Teams: Alternative Assignment

PROFESSIONAL LEARNING AND ACTION TEAM Name Institution Course PROFESSIONAL LEARNING AND ACTION TEAM Teacher teaming is an explicit way and a tested criterion for improving student performance in schools nowadays. Teacher teaming involves the collaboration of efforts, the amalgamation of ideas, and performing activities together to help an institution meet its goals as the students also perform better in their classroom work (McGill et al. 2001). A significant number of schools are using the method as a strategic plan towards improving the student performance. However, not all teacher teaming that leads to better student performance. In some cases, teaming result to a very poor performance...

New Teacher Induction and Mentoring

New Teacher Induction and Mentoring Name: Institution: New Teacher Induction and Mentoring Induction and mentoring programs provide significant support to the development and growth of teachers and enables them to make a remarkable impact on students. Additionally these programs present an opportunity for the district to identify an effective teacher who can perform leadership roles as mentors in their schools or district. Induction and mentoring programs are also key in supporting a school culture that is built on shared responsibilities and constant professional development for the benefit of all students. Approaches Teacher induction and mentoring programs are largely meant to provide new...