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Leadership Styles

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Leadership Styles

Category: Movie Review

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Leadership entails the process by which a leader influences a group could be the one he/she is leading towards a common goal (Kelly, 2012). The leader influences by providing inspiration, revitalizing, and involving individuals into a process that leads to the desired destiny. Leadership happens between the leader and an individual, an institution or a group. The following are the major leadership style as exhibited in the movie The Apollo 13.
Bureaucratic leadership is based on working hierarchical positions with specific duties guided by a systems regulations and mechanisms for decision making (Kelly, 2012). Autocratic leadership places the leader at the top of the managements. In this style, leadership is centralized on a leader. Laissez-faire leadership, this style is passive and allows the subjects to express their views in their contribution to better leadership (Kelly, 2012). Democratic leadership, this style allows delegation of duties by appointments of leaders to manage specific units; this style is considered participatory (Kelly, 2012). Transformational leadership involves a leader conducting an appraisal of the required amendments and creating a roadmap to realize the required adjustments. In this style team members are required to support the vision of the leader for positive results (Kelly, 2012). Transactional or Servant leadership is based on an established system, and t…

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