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Leadership studies

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Leadership studies

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Leadership

Level: College

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Leadership – Hackman and Johnson (2013)
Authoritarian, Democratic and Laissez-Faire leadership styles are part of the major categories of the leadership styles identified by Hackman and Johnson. Authoritarian leadership style is the kind of leadership where a leader sets his or her goals personally without involving the followers. The leader practices only downward communication with the belief that the followers won’t be in a position to function efficiently if he or she doesn’t supervise (Hackman & Johnson, 56). This kind of leadership style is beneficial when a task needs to be performed faster as it helps in saving time from the consultations. However, it can be detrimental when the decision to be made requires the input of the followers. This is because it doesn’t give the followers the opportunity to air their views on what is affecting them in the organization or even nation.
Democratic leadership style mainly entails a proper interaction between both the followers and the leaders. Under this leadership style, followers are involved in setting goals with the communication being open between the leaders and the followers. This enhances interaction with positive feedback given when an action has to be undertaken (Hackman & Johnson, 56). It is beneficial when a complex decision needs to be made as different expertise are involved thus leading to innovation and invention. It is however detrim…

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