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Leadership and Learning Analysis

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Leadership and Learning Analysis

Category: Capstone Project

Subcategory: Management

Level: Masters

Pages: 9

Words: 2475

Leadership and Learning Analysis
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Leadership and Learning Analysis
‘Effective’ strategic leadership
Effective strategic leadership is crucial for any organization that desires to thrive and increase in profits and sales over time. Strategic leadership is the ability of a leader in an organization to put across the company vision and also ensure that all the followers are in a position to follow the provided vision for the company. It is also the use of different strategies in the organization to manage all the employees together with their functions. Effective strategic leadership entails the nature and purpose of the leader to make changes to the organization and also influence all the workers to perform to the best of their ability while providing different services to the organization (Ireland, 2005).
The leaders at Telsa have had to contain a lot of problems while trying to improve on various aspects that pertain to the success of the company. It should be noted that the company has effective strategic leadership as they always strive to fulfill the purposes of future changes and the overall vision of the company. They have allocated different resources where they belong and actively expressed the vision of the organization without problems. It is clear from the organization that the leaders work with an environment that is ambiguous, than that of their own, and this has influenced the changes that have occurred in the organizati…

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