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Category: Presentation or speech

Subcategory: Leadership

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In most businesses and organizations, employees need to be motivated for the company to be successful. Motivation at the workplace is, therefore, increasing the level of creativity, commitment, as well as individuals energy at the workplace, brought about to help workers do their work. Motivation at the workplace is always a productive idea irrespective of growing or shrinking economy. There are different was of motivating workers some of which include financial related motivation, rewards, and recognition among others. Motivation, in other words, entails empowering employees to increase productivity which in turn increases the productivity of the business or organizations (Steers et al., 1996).
In my own experience, there are a number of ways most employees get motivated. First, most employees are money motivated. This is to mean encouraging their productivity through monetary means such as giving them incentives. Incentives drive most employees into changing behavior towards high productivity. Additionally, most employees get motivated through recognition. It is such a good idea to acknowledge the existence and work output of employees since most of them find recognition as a way to increase their productivity. Meeting personal goal also motivates a number of employees, and this goes to self-motivation.
Leadership at the workplace is one of the most important b…

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