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Sustainability is considered as the ability to maintain and meet the current needs without being able to compromise the future generations’ ability to meet such needs (Portney, 2015). It helps in the avoidance of any natural resource’s depletion thus maintaining an ecological balance. It has three pillars which include environmental, economic and social. Environmental sustainability mainly focuses on the ability to keep renewable resource harvest rates and that of non-renewable resources depletion which can in a position to be maintained indefinitely. Economic sustainability ensures that the level of any economic production is maintained with social responsibility focusing on the maintenance of social well being.
Strategic is a term that involves decisions or even plans that are designed to positively impact constructively the main factors where the desired outcome for any given organization, system or even venture depends on (Ansoff, 2014). It mainly pertains to the strategy which helps an organization to have a proper direction in attaining measurable goals. It enables the organization to evaluate its progress and be able to change some of the approaches for it to move forward.
Leadership in a simple term is the ability to motivate a given group of individuals to be in a position to act towards attaining the desired goal (Tampe, 2014). It focuses on the essentials of being in a position to inspire diff…

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