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laws and codes of practice affecting work in schools

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laws and codes of practice affecting work in schools

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Occupational Health and Safety Laws in Schools
A learning institution is a sensitive place where different kinds of people assemble and disassemble, and as a school, there is need to ensure that the welfare of an individual is addressed. Thereby, in lieu of the above-mentioned necessity, this paper aims to give a summary of two acts that shows individuals’ obligations towards ensuring that the school remains a safe and healthy environment for all.
SEN and Disability Act 2001
The special education needs and disability act of 2001 is one such act that promotes the attainment of a favorable learning environment. This specific act safeguards the learning needs of children with disability either a mainstream school or other acceptable institution (Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 1-2). This goal is achieved by guiding the demeanor of all the involved stakeholders, including teachers, school’s administration, and fellow students towards children with disability by discouraging discrimination due to the disability. Also, this act helps to delineate the pertinent figures that should be involved to support the learning of these children with special needs.
Health and Safety at work Act 1974
The 1974 health and safety at work act is another law that entails guiding regulations which dictate the conditions of a favorable working environment that should be provided by an employer to ensure the wellbeing of employe…

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