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Rohingya and Rwanda Revised

The Rwanda and Rohingya Crises Authors Name: Institution: According to Euronews (2017), thousands of Rohingyas continue to flock into Bangladesh in order to escape the ‘Ethnic cleansing’ activities happening in Myanmar. A report released by the 36th assembly of United Nation’s Human Rights Council, unveiled that the Myanmar government has been allowing and, to some extent, perpetrating the breach of International Human Rights Law and Humanitarian laws respectively; leading to mass persecution of the minority Muslims of Rohingya, in the Rakhine state of Myanmar (Geneva International, 2016). The situation in Myanmar can be equated to the 1994 Rwandan genocide in which millions of...

socio-legal studies about Socio-Economics

WHETHER STATUTORY LIABILITY SHOULD PRECEDE CIVIL LIABILITY FOR REGULATING THE FARMING OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED CROPS? A SOCIOECONOMIC PERSPECTIVE OF THE U.K.: A RESEARCH PROPOSAL By__________________________ A Thesis Proposal for the Partial fulfillment of ____________________________________ Under the guidance of Prof._______________________ University of ______________ January 2018 Whether statutory liability should precede civil liability for regulating the farming of Genetically Modified Crops? A Socioeconomic Perspective of the U.K.: Research Proposal Section 1: Introduction Different nations have recognized the...


Name:Professor: Course: Date: Red River Inn Contract In determining the elements of contract formation, all elements were properly outlined in the agreement. The promise of the manifestation of the given intention for Red River Inn acts in a specified way to justify that a commitment has been made. Despite the terms of the manifestation of intention being addressed as an offer, it will not be acceptable for the formation of a contract unless the Red River Inn’s terms and condition of the contract are vividly certain. Red Inn’s terms of the contract are relatively certain as they have provided the subsistence of a breach and are presenting a rational remedy. In terms of the...

Copyright Law

Author’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Moral Right - English Copyright Law For over a century, the United Kingdom (UK) has passed and amended a series of laws regarding copyright. The UK law perceives copyright as an intangible object whose concept originated from the Common law. According to the UK Copyrights Service, the law grants creators of "literary, dramatic, musical, artistic works, sound recordings, broadcasts, films, and typographical arrangement of published editors, rights to control the ways in which their material may be used (1)." Copyright in the UK is regarded as automatic rights, in that, it immediately applies upon creation; without any need to register the...

covering letter for Law – Legal Industrial Placement

Human Resource Manager 37 Stoney StreetNottinghamNG1 1LS Dear Sir/Madam, RE: APPLICATION FOR LEGAL INDUSTRIAL PLACEMENT I am an international Law student in my last year at Nottingham Trent University; having obtained a Low 1st.I am writing to express interest in your offer to be part of your paralegal team. I hope to create and progress in my career while providing the best of my abilities in your esteemed firm. I have created and built up necessary experience in law while working in eastern Libya, at one of the largest detention camps in the country. It was at this place that I conducted my research on human rights and the constitutional rights of the people in the detention centers. I have...

drinking and driving

Drinking and Driving Name Institutional Affiliation Drunk driving continues to rank among the most pervasive and damaging social problems in America (Arnett 1990). This is true despite the efforts of different groups, like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), that educate the people about the dangers of the same. The effects of driving under the influence on the driver and his or her family members as well as other road users are clear. However, cases of the same persist. It is imperative that the government and other concerned stakeholders come up with better measures aimed at dealing with this problem. Society can achieve this only after uncovering the real reasons why people still drive...

Health Law and Legislation

Health Law and Legislation Student`s Name Institution of Affiliation Health Law and Legislation The healthcare system is fundamental for countries all over the world. This system provides health care and financial protection to the residents of a particular state. The main aim of the health care system is to ensure that the citizens have access to health services and are afforded by some financial risk protection. Health care is a fundamental human right according to the World Health Organization, and thus it is crucial to a country`s well-being. There are various models of these systems in different countries depending on who is covered, what services are covered and how the cost is covered....

Health Law and Legislation- Please follow topic

Health Law and Legislation Name Institutional Affiliation Date Health Law and Legislation The federal governments make decisions concerning which population is entitled to mandatory benefits from the services provided by the Medicaid and the population which falls under the optional category. Additionally, it states the benefits which must be covered compulsory and the ones which are optional (Price, & Eibner, 2013). The federal government is in a position to decide on how Medicaid provides benefits in various states. It may decide only to cover the mandatory benefits leaving out the optional benefits. Such creates serious issues since some individuals who could be having the same issues...

Health Law Essentials

Health Law Essentials Student’s name University Abstract Health insurance remained discriminatory since 1965 until the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010. The changes to the health insurance laws have allowed nearly 40% of the previously uninsured persons' access insurance and improved the health of the population. The Obamacare as it is commonly referred to, has ensured the uninsured and marginalized groups based on their medical history or poverty levels were forcefully integrated into the insured bracket to increase the number of insured persons across the globe and expected to attain full insurance by 2019. The legislation has allowed for the radical reform...