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Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Criminal law

Level: College

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Protections of the 5th and 14th Amendments
The Protection Afforded by 5th and 14th Amendment and Due Clause
The 5th Amendment stipulates that no individual is answerable for a capital, scandalous misconduct except when a presentation of a jury, with an exception to the cases that originate from the land and the navy. Also, limitations with the military when they are involved in the warfare or defending the community from hazards (Kadian-Baumeyer). Also, no individual is expected to be held responsible twice for the same case. Also not to be held of any criminal allegations to be a testament in a case that he or she is involved. The person is not supposed to be taken off their life, freedoms, or their possessions without adhering to the right process of the law. It is also at the 5th Amendment to take private assets for use by the general public if no benefits get awarded to their owners.
The 14th Amendment also transcribes to equal protection. Under this amendment, any individual who is a citizen in the United States by birth or by naturalisation and who is accountable to jurisdiction, are deemed to be having citizenship with the United States in where they live. As such, there is no clause to be passed that infringes on such privileges of these citizens (Kadian-Baumeyer). It equally protests against the person’s deprivation of life, freedom or even their assets without the right legal proceedings. It gets also expected th…

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