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Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Criminal law

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There are various forms of government, which have been divided into three main branches. They include the judicial, legislative, and executive government. It is through the help of the three bodies that the people are being governed on what to do and how to do that. Each of the three performs different functions in government thus ensuring that the objectives of the state are met within the due time (Fisher, 1985).
Firstly, the legislative branch that is responsible for the making and framing the laws of the government as required by the public. Normally, the Senate and the house of representatives are the ones who are the cheering committee in the arm. The body has the powers of making any new rules in the state. Secondly, there is the branch of the executive that is involved in the executing the laws. Prominent people in the government such as the president and cabinet ministers among other important federals of the state mainly chair it. Their main duty is to implement the rules given by the legislative body. Finally, the judicial body that evaluates the rules made by legislatures. It ensures that everyone in the state follows the rules to avoid misconduct that are not necessary for the country. In the government, the Supreme Court mainly controls the branch and other magistrates within the country to make sure that programs run as expected. The three work together to ensure that the government is …

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