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Latino community Empowerment

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Latino community Empowerment

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Latino Community Empowerment
It is prudent to understand that the Latino community has been victimized as a scourge of the American population. Their illegal immigration nature to the country may have subjected them to such humiliation, criticism, and blame. In return, the community conforms to the various forms of marginalization without realizing their full potential and role in the modern American society. However, several stakeholders have taken the responsibility to empower the Latino community into an active role, rather than a passive one. Over the years, we have seen the groundbreaking of several empowerment initiatives that seek to transform the Hispanic society into a significant role player in the American history. This essay seeks to investigate the several ways in which the Latino community can empower itself and impact the country at large.
One of the most fundamental aspects of empowerment is education. There is a need for a vibrant and educated society to fit in as a significant role player. Education happens to give access to several opportunities that bring prosperity. With the knowledge of the various concepts that breed economic freedom, Latinos will have the chance to make a difference in their social life. Similarly, education produces innovative minds. This investment will impact the entire country through significant mileages in mobilizing competitive means in the global arena.
The act of supporting a worthy cause is a source of empowerment to the Hispanic Society. Philanthropy is one way of empowering the community as it gives them the financial muscles to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, the Latinos happen to be one of the marginalized groups in American politics with insufficient resources directed to their areas. The lack of finances and recognition makes it impossible for the group to access the basic amenities necessary for their sectoral growth. Therefore, the few successful Latinos have a central role in supporting the general cause as a way to empower the group. It is prudent for philanthropy to be a primary cause of action as it facilitates the access of significant social amenities. The majority of the Hispanic societies live in poverty. This kind of lifestyle impedes their exposure to the various institutions, which would transcend to success and economic freedom. Therefore, philanthropy empowers the group through access to finances to facilitate their programs.
Active politics
One significant cause of the lack of empowerment of the Latinos is their invaluable representation in the political arena. Largely, this could be attributed to their lack of interest in contesting for the high-level legislative seats. The access to absolute power is the greatest source of empowerment to the Hispanic Society. Some of the prosperous and zealous Latinos have to participate actively in politics for federal positions. This task will inspire the rest of the society into active representation as a way to mobilize them into the mainstream society. Political power provides access to the various resources that are capable of empowering the Hispanic community. The group leaders in influential political positions have the ability and authority to direct significant resources into supporting the marginalized communities. The Hispanic leaders would, therefore, empower the group through access, which transcends in economic and social ripples throughout the country.
Empowering the Latinos may not be an easy task. However, determination of the Society and its local leaders is crucial to the success of the objective. The society has to embrace education and engage actively in the national platform, from politics to influential positions in the corporate world. Lastly, the few fortunate members have a social responsibility to support the society through every mean that would facilitate their recognition, growth, and participation in mainstream activities.

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