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Large-Scale Psychological Differences Within China Explained by Rice Versus Wheat Agriculture

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Report on research design elements on new reports
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Report on research design elements on new reports
Rice farming or wheat farming can determine whether a person thinks in a collectivist way or in an individualistic way. This conclusion is according to research published on May 9th by a group of Psychologists. The research that used China and the people of China as the samples for the study reached such a conclusion after noticing behavioral differences between people in the North of China and residents of Southern China. The leader of the group, Thomas Talhem, had in the past taught in the Southern part of China, the city of Guanzhou. While living there, he noticed that people there were calm and avoided confrontations and conflicts. Later, on moving to the Northern parts of China, in Beijing City, he noticed that the people in the region were more direct in terms of relating to people, regardless of whether they were strangers (Talhelm et al., 2014). After the report had been published, a subsequent news article was published on an online news site that outlined the chief conclusions of the report. The article was written by David Biello on Scientific American media. This paper seeks to compare the news article to the report published by Thomas Talhelm in terms of the research design, the elements and variables that were examined in the research, the samples Thomas Talhem and his group used, the report’s robustness as well a…

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