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Category: Term paper

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Kingsley Platform
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Educational leadership encompasses activities by various parties within a school setting that ensure that the learning process is effective and that the students fully benefit from their learning process. Traditionally, educational leadership has been left to the school administrators alone to forge the way forward for the rest of the school. However, modern times have shown that many players within the school setting, as well as the community, play an integral role in educational leadership and how well the players integrate in offering educational leadership will determine the level of education received by the students (Lozano et al., 2013). Other parties such as non-teaching staff or non-administrative teachers are often ignored, but their roles are crucial in offering optimal educational leadership. The paper seeks to discuss the role played by the various parties in offering effective educational leadership and highlights the importance of all the parties involved.
Educational leadership is a modern terminology that does not have a clear definition, but which includes all forms of leadership offered to students to enable them to receive the best from their education activities. Educational leadership can be used synonymously with terms such as school leadership (Lozano et al., 2013). Educational leadership encompasses efforts from leaders from within the school setting and without. Characters t…

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