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Kevin Carey excerpt from The End of College (published in the Washington Post)

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Kevin Carey excerpt from the End of College
Higher education is becoming increasingly diverse these days. One does not merely go for a degree, but for a wholesome education, quality academics, to learn about the finer aspects of life and to get an idea about a balanced version of life, combining work and leisure. Thus it is not mere book learning, based on dry facts, but application-oriented education, fun-filled tasks, and at the same time work with long and short term goals and purposes. Hence instead of going in for typical degree courses, one has vocational learning, professional courses, Open University and correspondence courses, online courses, to choose from an array of educational opportunities (Barnett 188). Kevin Carey, director of the Education Policy Program at the New America Foundation, a public policy think tank, in Washington, elaborates these ideas in his book, “The End of College: Creating the future of learning and the university of everywhere”. The main feature of his idea is the development of a digital learning environment.
Carey wants an end to the whole present education system, with its mechanical rigidity. He wants a universal mode where education is free for all, i.e. higher education. He detests the brick and mortar confining classroom teaching, but prefers open platform education like online exchange, where one can sit at home, and…

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