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Kant’s view on the relationship between morality and politics

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Kant’s view on the relationship between morality and politics

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Kant’s view on the relationship between morality and politics
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Kant states that only good will is considered good and without compromising in any aspect that enhances the goodness. He claims that upholding morality is our duty and that it should be considered and obligation without taking derailing exceptions. Kant suggested that a human being should be able to make the independent decision and only then they can be assumed to have achieved their full potential (Kant, Kleingeld, Waldron, Doyle & Wood, 2006). He uses the motto of enlightenment to express the application of person reasons to take specific actions in life. Human actions similarly to the natural occurrences are based on universal natural law. He states that a person achieves the highest level of self- actualization during his lifetime encounters. He suggests that for a person to be able to think and act independently, a rational pattern of thinking is required. He talks of categorical and hypothetical imperative persons (Formosa, 2008). For categorical imperatives, he says that to fulfill one’s needs they need to think in an unequivocal rational manner to attain what they what. He amplifies the idea of treating other persons as an end rather a mean to the desired end; the implication is that all human beings are entitled to universal human value.
Kant’s philosophy of public right, states that for people to coexist in the same environment harmoniously they must practice…

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