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Juvenile Incarceration

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Juvenile Incarceration

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

Level: College

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Juvenile Incarceration
Advantages of community treatment for juvenile offenders
Juvenile courts are institutions that in charge of two kinds of juvenile offenders: firstly, delinquents, who have committed the crimes which would be punishable if committed by adults; and status offenders, whose crimes do not constitute acts punishable by law. When deciding in such cases, the system works on the basis of decision points: various personnel, such as police officers and social workers, consider aspects of a situation and decide what to do with the child. These decisions may lie anywhere on a range of options, from displacing the child from abusive or unhealthy environments to rehabilitation CITATION Bar15 t l 16393 (Barton, n.d.).
Community treatment can be used at any of these decision points. It is an alternative to placing the child in a secure detention facility. These include a lot of activities that help the offender serve time outside the facility, such as probation, community service, home detention, and so on CITATION Bar15 t l 16393 (Barton, n.d.).
Community service does not only prepare youths to shoulder responsibility, but also saves them from incorporating other delinquency attributes while in the company of other offenders. Additionally, they require the offender to give something back to the community, thus working for the greater good. The system, therefore, hopes to instil in them a sense of atonement. Activities for the sam…

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