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Justification for Intervention Strategy

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Justification for Intervention Strategy

Justification for Intervention Strategy
The selected intervention strategy is the low-end intervention support to students. The selection was informed by the fact that this is a primary intervention in which universal efforts are made in promoting student learning while anticipating that most learners will be responsive to the strategy and will not need supplementary intervention (Ervin, 2013). This is a key advantage of this intervention.
The selected intervention requires reflection on the part of the teacher in the sense that the teacher must identify core areas of reflection and come up with a method for possible improvement and development. For instance, a teacher considering this intervention might espouse an evidence-based reading curriculum and test all learners for reading problems at predetermined intervals, say three times yearly, to ascertain the students who might require support beyond the reading curriculum.
A prominent disadvantage of low-end intervention is that many questions can be asked in the course of teacher reflection, which might prevent from focusing on identifying the factors that can be modified (such as curriculum materials and instructional strategies) in an attempt to allay the problem situation. The other two strategies also have their advantages and disadvantages. An advantage of the middle-end intervention, for instance, is that it furnishes the instruc…

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