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Julius caesar

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Premonitions in “Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare
The play starts with the triumphant return of Julius Caesar from the war. During the ceremonies of the triumph, Cesar receives a warning from a prophet, or soothsayer telling him to be careful on the Ides of March. In a further scene, Cassius and Brutus discuss their fears on Caesar’s ambitions, as they think he wants to be king; despite being told he had given up the crown the people of Rome offered him. In a night full of omens and presages Casca; Cassius, and Cinna meet and agree that they need to attain Brutus’ favor to be able to eliminate Caesar. Since Brutus was also pondering the perils of Caesar’s possible crowning, he accepts the conspirers’ offer. The conspirers manage to kill Caesar, and Brutus justifies his actions in the light of keeping the Roman Republic. He receives the support of the people but Antony, mad for the conspiracy sides against the conspirers and makes them flee Rome. Antony, along with Octavius and Lepidus forms a triumvirate and fight the killers. Both armies clash, and believing they have been defeated Cassius orders his servant to assassinate him. A further battle seals the conspirer’s fate, and Brutus kills himself. After the struggle, Antony and Octavius decided to honor Brutus and offer him a state funeral.
Julius Caesar (100 BCE – 44 BCE) was a Roman general, and statesman who rose to power after his c…

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