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Journal Entry musculoskeletal disorder

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Journal Entry musculoskeletal disorder

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Subcategory: Nursing

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Musculoskeletal Disorders (MDs) are believed to be a major cause of disability. These are disorders or injuries that affect the muscles, ligaments, nerves, discs, tendons and the blood vessels (Middlesworth). A forty-two-year-old adult Mr. Smith who has been suffering from a musculoskeletal disorder for four years is used as a topic in this discussion.
Mr. Smith’s condition begun as a fatigue due to his work which involved carrying heavy loads both on his shoulder and back. This repetitive activity which requires a lot of force and awkward posture increased the risk of the musculoskeletal disorder. A diagnosis done six years ago indicates that he had a vertebral column injury and he also underwent a spinal surgery recently. His poor health habit is also a contributing factor as Mr. Smith confesses to drinking alcohol and smoking although he is fighting this addiction. He rarely exercises to keep fit and does not get enough rest due to sleep disturbances, therefore, this slows down his recovery. According to Middlesworth, the MSDS risk factors can be classified into two: work-related and individual. Mr. Smith’s condition was contributed by both work and individual elements.
On the other hand, (Association, 2010) classifies the musculoskeletal disorder causative factors into three categories. Biomechanical hazards, additional hazards such as vibr…

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