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Jordan Left-Right Reversal Test

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Jordan Left-Right Reversal Test

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Linguistics

Level: College

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Words: 275

Jordan Left-Right Reversal Test
Include a summary of the assessment, including what skills are being assessed and what is the intended population.
Jordan Left-Right Reversal test is being used to assess Marilyn, a 6-year-child in the second grade while reading numbers and letters. Despite being intelligent, Sally’s grades have started to drop, and she has challenges with completing her tasks in allotted time. During the three hours of assessment, Marilyn is quite polite and cooperative. However, as the assessor is tasking her with differentiating the verbal letters b and d, she becomes restless. With Marilyn, the objects are perceived without considering their directional orientation or space. But most written symbols are only observed following their directional value and position in space. Consequently, directionality is extremely important while measuring Marilyn’s perception and reading skills.
What is being assessed: Age range, normative sampling, and reliability and validity (if available?)
Marilyn’s intellectual potential is evaluated to measure different visual abilities that are necessary for learning. The participant’s great cognitive ability score is comparable to numerous children of her age. The auditory processing that facilitates word formation is very weak, and hence the potential case of strephosymbolia or reversing of symbols. Marilyn is performing poorly in visual processing. For instance, when asked to proofread vari…

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