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jeferson davis and his generals

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jeferson davis and his generals

Category: Analysis Essay

Subcategory: History

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Jefferson Davis and His Generals
Jefferson Davis is an important figure in history. He provokes passion among different scholars. Though out the years’ many historians have cited him at both ends of the continuum; some consider him a hero, whereas other saw him as incompetent. This paper analyzes Jefferson Davis and His Generals to determine whether the claims made are true.
Steven Woodworth’s shows the reader that both elements of Davis are true and accurate. Jefferson Davis was both incompetent and heroic at the same time. However, nothing reveals the conclusive truth about his complex figure. Woodworth’s points indicate Davis was a talented and experienced leader, who challenged the Confederacy’s cause in the West, where the Southerners lost the battle.
When the war broke out, few people in the south were qualified to take up the position of the commander-in-chief. Davis graduated from West Point during this time, and he successfully commanded a regiment in the Mexican War. He also performed well as a Senator and Secretary of War. Despite his success and credentials, Woodworth suggests Davis was inconsistent and indecisive even as he led his country to victory (Davis n.pag).
As Woodworth indicates, Davis did not accept responsibility for defeat in the South, but a substantial part of the burden is laid on his generals. Bragg, Van Dorn, Polk, hood, Forrest, Pemberton, Beauregard, Johnston, and Morgan are th…

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