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Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: Masters

Pages: 19

Words: 5225

Jean Paul Sartre-Personal Responsibility
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Sartre strongly believed on the nation that genetics does not designate the individual framework of a person. Moreover, he also believed that once an individual is born, he or she has the full potential to decide upon his behavioral and natural characteristics. Thus, although the physical constituents are considered to be decided by genetics, the behavioral patterns are subjected to change. Sartre described that there are 3 states through which a human being has to pass through. These are anguish, abandonment and despair which arise from the actions and inactions of human beings. By the virtue of human nature such persons are sensitized, habituated or aligned with the thought process of the individual who seeks help. Sartre highlighted the fact that even if such opinions are biased or unworthy, the individual concerned takes a decision to accept or reject such advices and hence the final decision is completely enjoyed by the individual. Another philosophy which Sartre strongly believed was that existence precedes essence. Sartre stated that an individual who make decisions based on their freedom and rationality of responsibility and understanding impact of his actions or inactions, were the persons who acted authentically.
The field of Psychiatry and Psychology adds enough insights to the power of a hum…

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