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Jazz Age America

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Jazz Age America

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: History

Level: High School

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Jazz Age America
The American Jazz age sprang in the 1920s, right after World War I and before the great depression of 1929. It was a time when jazz music grew popular, blossoming the streets for both whites and blacks. Johnstone (143) notes that things were as they should be, and the business was good. Symbolically, Jazz growth represented an improved and happy lifestyle due to economic, cultural, and social prosperity in the US. However, these conditions were not well calculated, and they led to the collapse of economic and social systems. For this reason, this Jazz age is considered the era of fragmentation- the period that saw collapsing of political, social, and economic systems in America. The blame was passed to younger generations who unlike the older, were reckless and immoral leading to the segmentation of the Americans culture.
Norton (478) outlines that there was deep cultural division, the urban culture against the traditional culture. The urban culture consisting of jazz bands, drinking, dancing, smoking, bold fashion. Following that, there was a struggle between the old and new America. Also, there was economic growth that was on the rise due to the coming up of technological innovations like telephones, phonograph recording, and radio concerts (Norton 482). All these that transformed social lives and economy of the country. For example, feminism arose, and flappers became an icon during the era.
These c…

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