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Admission Essay for Ph.D. in Computer EngineeringI am hereby writing this letter to apply for the PhD program ‘Computer Engineering.’ My aim regarding career is to become a computer specialist focusing on software development for computers and also develop my line of computer applications that could prove beneficial to the study of computers. In 2008, I completed my BSc in applied electronic engineering from Houston University and my final year project was on Home automation that was successful however the lack of AI algorithm prompted me to pursue my Master’s degree in Computer engineering in AI at the Tokyo University in 2013. The challenges that I have encountered during my first two degrees have formed the backbone of my desire to undertake this PhD program.
After my undergraduate degree, I had the opportunity of undertaking my internship at the Aramco service as an electronic Engineer while in 2009 I joined the technical support department at the Yokogawa electric corporation in Houston. The internship provided the needed exposure that was quite relevant to my career advancements. Additionally, in 2010 up to 2011 I was a research assistant at the Institute of Tokyo technology. And later on, in 2012, I interned at IBM where I was instrumental in the design of the first prototype OCR tool. The experience that I gained during these internship period exposed …

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