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it301 unit10 discussion

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Post-Implementation Audit is Very Crucial
A post-implementation review (PIR) is usually conducted after a project has gone through the complete cycle. Some people may overlook post-implementation review because it comes during the last phase and after project implementation. Much as it may be a nuisance to some people, PIR is an important component of any projects because it helps in the evaluation of the project processes and success. Conducting a post-implementation review, therefore, is essential because it reveals several observations from the completed project as discussed in this paper. The PIR is a review of the lessons learnt from the closed project.
Post-implementation audit is best understood as an evaluation of accomplishments and achievements of project goals when gauged against project timelines, plan, specifications, budget, quality of deliverables, and client satisfaction. The project activities log serves as the baseline data for the review. As highlighted, the post-implementation review comes after the project is completed and delivered to the client. It is conducted to assess whether the project was successful and met the client’s expectations.
From PIR, one can easily determine where flaws occurred and were able to make necessary improvements. That way, project managers can ensure success in future projects following the identification of improvement opportunities. However, it is often difficult to know the worth of investi…

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