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it301 project management unit 7 assignment

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it301 project management unit 7 assignment

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Communications Plan



Communications Plan
Communication ensures successful project completion by addressing the information needs among the project teams. A communication plan allows critical links among people, ideas and information that are necessary for project completion and success.
Stakeholder Identification and Analysis
The project involves globally interconnected stakeholders. Stakeholders in San Jose will build the individual machines. Secondly, the project will be installed in Rhos-on-Sea and Ljubljana. The project also requires system engineers located in Colorado Springs as well as system testers in St. Louis. Network equipment will be provided by a contracted vendor as the project runs under the supervision of system engineers.
Communication Matrix
FormatContentLevel of DetailTelephone, email, face-to-faceThe installation of the system. The information shared must be connected with the project since all the stakeholders reside at different locations. The system engineers will develop the system and ensure proper installation for the testers to evaluate.

All the project stakeholders are responsible for communicating the project information.
StakeholderDescription PurposeFrequencyInternal/ ExternalComments/ Distribution List San JoseBuilding the individual machinesCommunicate daily on their progressInternal communicationThey determine the success of the project by developing the individual machines to be usedColorado SpringsHouses the system engineersdailyinternalThey must coordinate the project by maintaining daily communicationSt. LouisSystem testers will provide feedback on the project.WeeklyInternalThe system testers will determine the success of the project. Rhos-on-sea and LjubljanaProviding technicians and the installation of the system.After the end of the system designInternalThey will provide information required for system installation and any technical information related to the project.A successful project will involve different methods of communication since the stakeholders stay in different locations. The common technologies to be used include telephones, email, face-to-face communication for system engineers and printed scripts that must be used to guide the system engineers and testers. Communication should be regularly done to keep the project team updated on the project.



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