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Israeli soldiers that carry out a mapping activity in Palestinian homes

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The first part of the article highlights a case of Israeli soldiers that carry out a mapping activity in Palestinian homes. The exercise is portrayed as scary for two reasons. Firstly, it is carried out in the middle of the night. The soldiers went around the villages between midnight and morning. This woke up the Palestinians and they felt that it was unfair to carry out the exercise at such time. The second thing that makes the exercise scary is the banging that is done by the soldiers when they enter a home. In my opinion, the making of the exercise scary is mean, inconsiderate, and abusive on the people involved. The case of the woman that was expectant shows how horrific it is to the Palestinians. It ought to be carried out during friendlier hours of the night, such as around 9:00 pm.

The second part of the article brings out the abuse that the Israeli people subject the Palestinians. The case that is discussed is that of arson, which is explained to be a common occurrence. In the case described, Israeli civilians are suspected to have carried out arson on a Palestinian family, resulting in the death of a year and a half old child. The parents got seriously injured (Mulvaney and Jolliffe, 2005). This is a sad occurrence in a society where people of different origins live together. It intimidates the Palestinians and makes them feel rejected. It should be acted upon by the authorities, which should promote peaceful coexistence between the two communities (Mulvaney and Jo…

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