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Category: Coursework

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Islam in America
CourseThe September 11th attack seemed to have transformed the way in which Muslims are perceived in contemporary U.S and numerous other developed countries. Its effect on Muslims cannot be underrated. When an Islamist radical group called Al Qaeda established and formerly administered by Osama bin Laden, claimed accountability for the assault on the US soil, many had the fear that Muslims in America would be a target for punishment as vengeance by Americans (Cesari, 2007). As individuals of many different faiths beliefs and none gathered at the time of the occurrences, many were standing by the Muslims, present not only support and protection. George W. Bush then the president of the US visited a Washington DC mosque in a couple of days after the incident that took the whole World by surprise. There his speech talked about Islam as a nonviolent religion (Pluralism.org, 2015).
Regardless of the efforts by the Government in discouraging American nationals from directing the blame to at the Islam religion after 9/11 attack, the incidental number of assaults touching those who “appeared to be Muslim” shot up. Balbir Singh Sodhi was shot just a few days after the 9/11 incident outside of his petrol station in Arizona. This was after a turban he had on as a belief of his faith was wrongfully interpreted for a “Muslim attire,” and the shooter was seeking vengeance for the extremist attacks. Numerous other forms of discrimination are worth mentioni…

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