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Islam and Christianity

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Islam and Christianity

Category: Cause and Effect Essay

Subcategory: Time Management

Level: College

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Islam and Christianity are some of the world’s biggest religion. These two religions have their similarities as well as differences, for instance, Christians believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God and their savior while Muslims believe that Muhammad was a prophet of Allah (God). This fact shows that they all believe in one God though they have different names for Him. These two religions have the different basis of origin. Islam was founded by Prophet Muhammad while Christianity was there before the birth of Jesus as explained in the two films from PBS about both religions. This paper compares the early life of Jesus and Prophet Muhammad and their influence in Christianity and Islam respectively.

Prophet Muhammad was born in Arab peninsula in a place called Mecca where there was constant war. When he was 6, His parents died and had a passion for orphans like him. His uncle who was the chief of their clan took Him and taught him survival skills in the desert as there was a bloody war for water since it rained twice a year. Muhammad was born in a tribe that believed in spirits like pure spirits of water wind and rock. On the other hand, Jesus was born in a Jewish community that believed in God. He was born in a peaceful community under harsh rules of Judaism the Roman Empire. Jesus grew up following the religion and observed the rules that were in place before his arrival. His parents, for example, took him to the Passover festival. Unlike Jesus, M…

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