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Is Pain Physical, Mental or Both?

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Is Pain Physical, Mental or Both
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Is Pain Physical, Mental or Both
Pain refers to a variety of unpleasant emotional and sensory experiences that have connections with potential or actual damage to the tissue. It is impossible for people to ignore pain. The best way to treat any sickness depends on the doctor’s knowledge of the different causes and qualities of pain that the patient experiences. The noxious stimuli reactivity and sensitivity are vital to the survival and well-being of an organism. Pain travels through them to send signals to the brain. There are two types of pain namely chronic or acute pain. Chronic pain refers to a pain that lasts for a longer duration, and it does not respond to medication. Acute pain refers to pain that has a restricted period, whereby the primary cause is damaged tissue or act as a form of body protection of the injured part of the body to avoid more damage. Both types pain affect the state of mind of a person. Pain is both physical and mental. There are different ways of classifying pain, how pain works in the body, and various forms of pain management.
Classification of Pain
There are two main categories of pain namely physical and mental.
Physical Pain
From the neurobiological perspective, pain is physiological, neuropathic, or pathological according to Clifford (Woolf, 2010). However, there are other forms of pain classification. Physiological pain also called nociceptive pain occurs due to a phy…

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