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Is Online Learning Better Than Face To Face Learning

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Is Online Learning Better Than Face-To-Face Learning?
The education world has seen a lot of revolution because of the growth and the development of computers and technology in the twenty-first century. Different modes of learning come up every day to accommodate the increasing needs of scholars and educators around the world. Online learning has received a lot of attention because of its flexible nature and low costs that allow people from all works of life to have adequate access to education. Higher learning institutions and companies are at the forefront of embracing and campaigning for online learning in different spheres of education to meet the needs of people in the twenty-first century. Employers find online learning a bit convenient for the training of employees. The learning process allows employees to carry out their daily activities in the workplace while furthering their studies via online learning. Higher learning institutions, on the other hand, have included elements of online learning in most educational courses to capture a wider load of consumers or learners (Marc 77).
Technology is growing at a breathtaking speed, and every aspect of life has been modified in a way to embrace the new developments in technology. However, many arguments exist on the viability and the effectiveness of online learning in comparison to the traditional face-to-face learning. For a long time, the traditional classroom setup of learning has been…

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