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Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered?

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Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered?

Category: Argumentative Essay

Subcategory: Philosophy

Level: College

Pages: 7

Words: 1925

Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered?

Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered?
The debate on whether mathematics is invented or discovered has gone on for a long time. It is fueled by the ability of mathematician to develop a concept with no application in mind. After many years, the idea continues to be proven in various fields of science. The models or formulas that are developed display a connection with reality. There are some people who have argued that the mathematical concepts are invented by human beings, and then they are applied in the description of the real world phenomena. Other people have also argued that the exactness of the mathematical formulas in describing the occurrences in the world implies that mathematical concepts exist hence human beings are just discovering them. The debate on the philosophy of mathematics continues to rage on today, and the right answer continues to elude people. There exists no clear dichotomy between invention and discovery when discussing mathematical concepts. Their existence can be attributed to both invention and discovery.
Nature of Mathematical Objects
Mathematical Objects Exist
There are various philosophers that have advanced theories that support the existence of mathematical objects. Illustrious thinkers that include Roger Penrose, Emmanuel Kant, Plato, and Mill have all supported the existence of mathematical objects. The thinkers believe that the concepts exist in an abstrac…

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