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Is it good for both of the parents to be employed or not?

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Is it good for both of the parents to be employed or not?
Most people would agree that there is an added advantage for both parents to be employed. This arises from the fact that these two parents or couples will be able to overcome their financial constraints easily unlike if only one of them was employed. There is a general perception in society that a man should not marry a career woman because of the various notions that people hold about career women. It is generally believed that families made up of career women are at higher risk of leading to a divorce than those consisting of non-career women. On the other hand, feminists believe that it is in fact very crucial for both partners to seek employment. It is argued that when both parents are employed, they will be able to help each other out on issues concerning their work life. Therefore, this paper is aimed at explaining whether it is good for both parents to be employed or not by arguing both ends of this question.
To support the argument that it is good for both parents to be employed, it can be argued when a mother works, it adds up to the family overall revenue. An enduring wellspring of wage is reliably an establishment of each family’s satisfaction (Corcoran). One clear case is that going for an entire family every year is just practical if the money related wellspring of that family is solid and relentless.
A family with two remuneration specialists can be a positive impact on …

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