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Is Death Penalty a viable punishment

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Is Death Penalty a viable punishment

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Is Death Penalty Still a Viable Punishment?
Is death penalty still a viable punishment? Almost all cultures in the world have considered the use of the death penalty as the ultimate punishment. However, in the world we live in today, is still a viable punishment? Does death penalty still have the same validity it used to have? Those questions are deeply ingrained in our culture’s mindset and offer insight into how people think of punishment; fairness, and retribution.
In America, the death penalty has been used since colonial times, and its repercussions still ring our ears today. The thing is that too many advocates of the punishment, it seems like a better crime deterrent than a life in prison. To the opposite side, the death penalty is an excessive punishment that does not teach any lesson. In the same way, it is a costly measure that ends up being more expensive than incarcerating a felon for life.
This question has a couple of important points, as it touches both social, and political issues. For instance, socially the practice might strike us as barbaric, and unnecessary. However, the advocates of the death penalty consider that it is the only way to incapacitate criminals. In the same way, it offers an “adequate” amount of retribution to the sufferer. Politically, the death penalty is broadly used as a political tool candidates use to strike the morals of the electors. However, despite…

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