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Is Bentham a liberal?

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Is Bentham a liberal?

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Is Bentham a liberal?
What is being liberal? Being liberal is the act of being open to political or social changes and reforms associated with either classical or modern liberalism or moreover being open to new ideas, willing to depart from established conventions or opinions. Jeremy Bentham was liberal due to his actions and ideas such as opposing the natural rights hence this makes him fall under classical liberalism which is one of the forms of liberalism. “If you hate much, punish much: if you hate little, punish little: punish as you hate. If you hate not at all punish not at all:” (Bentham, 1781, 2000 pg. 23). This article will thoroughly analyze all the claims that lead to the conclusion that Bentham was liberal due to his actions, ideas and beliefs and moreover, I will investigate the critique that is against the concept of Bentham being liberal and finally I will come with a conclusion whether Bentham is radical or not. It is, therefore, justifiable to conclude that Bentham was both liberal and not liberal at the same time due to the inadequate justification to make him standout firm on either side.
One of his famous works is the vision of functional existence, presented exciting insights into envisaging democratic governance in society. Bentham considered renowned rule as the means through which the idea of utilitarianism in civilization would materialize (Bentham, 2…

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