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Irony in Story of an Hour
The short story by Kate Chopin “The Story of an Hour, ” was first in publication in the year 1894. The Story by then was referred to as “The Dream of an Hour” and it was after reprinting that it became to what we know today. Adding an event or circumstance that was not expected by readers can greatly modify a story and make it one of the best. Such situations induce the use of irony. The story is based on several styles of literature. Symbolism and irony are the major styles used by the Author. Nonetheless, the use of irony in the “Story of an Hour” has been used immensely and more than just once.
Verbal irony
In the short story by Kate Chopin, three major forms of irony have been used. The three types of Irony are situational irony, verbal and dramatic irony. Dramatic irony is used and shows itself when readers know most events in a story than other characters do. On the other hand, situational irony is used when a complete opposite of events happen contrary to expectations of readers. The irony is perfectly used by Kate Chopin in her Story by captivating reader’s attention and curiosity. An example of verbal irony is seen when readers are informed of the character Louise who was sitting in an armchair looking out of the window and alone. Verbal irony has depicted the sense that there was no physical object approaching her. In actual sense, Louise was not physically fighting ba…

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