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Iraq and Afghanistan

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Iraq and Afghanistan

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Iraq and Afghanistan
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Iraq and Afghanistan
In broad terms, these two countries have several common characteristics which position them in the world’s global map. However, one thing that has prevailed in these nations over the last few decades is a period of persistent and destructive wars which have ruined not only their basic infrastructure but also the lives of the people living in these countries. To be precise, the Iraq and Afghanistan war has set a center stage of all the conflicts experienced in these countries today and in the last few decades. In this case, several weaknesses can be attributed to the current situation experienced in these two Arabic nations. In this paper, it will point out the weaknesses in Iraq and Afghanistan. Additionally, it will provide viable approaches that will help solve the conflicts in these nations. Also, the paper will discuss the effects of the United States involvement in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
In an attempt to point out the flaws in these countries, it is reasonably relevant to indicate that one of the major problem facing both Afghanistan and Iraq is the presence of an incompetent and unstable government administration. Both these two nations have a political administration which has minimal control over their respective countries. In this case, it has become a major problem which has escalated to the persistent uprising of illegal militia groups and terrorist unions. For instance, the Iraq …

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