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Investigative Reports: Inside the Killer Minds.

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Investigative Reports: Inside the Killer Minds.

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: High School

Pages: 1

Words: 275

INVESTIGATIVE REPORTS: Inside the Killer Minds
Forensic psychology course equips the students with the necessary skills and knowledge to relate psychology and law. The students learn how psychology facilitates enforcement of the law in the legal processes and the stress that police officers undergo when dealing with offenders. Forensic psychology enables one to understand better how to utilize psychology in crime investigation, a grouping of offenders, selecting the witnesses of a crime and handling the victims.
How does this video clip relate to our course?
The clip is about the murder crime that was committed by Terrance Wainright, whose legal process will apply the knowledge gained in a forensic psychology class. Later when the police arrived at the crime scene, they had to conduct a forensic investigation to identify the course of death.
What I found surprising on this video
It was surprising to see that in a serious murder case like this one only two experts are involved, that is Dr. Lewis and Dr. Pincus. It appears as if Dr. Lewis was seeking self-promotion through recommending her theories that define crimes. The other surprising thing is how the murderer could comfortably talk to his friend about his intentions to kill his wife.
The prisons department should interrogate the psychology of the offender and find out the inner forces that push people to commit murder. They should counsel the criminals to avoid a repetition of the c…

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