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Investigate the history of slavery and discuss the ways in which this history impacts contemporary society

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A proposal investigating the history of slavery and discussing the ways in which this history impacts contemporary society

Proposed research topic
Investigating the history of slavery and discussing the ways in which this history impacts contemporary society
The history of slavery has raised heated debates over the years regarding the impact it brought into the society because different scholars argue that slavery fostered positive aspects while another group claims that slavery affected the society negatively. Thus, the two groups of scholars have their version of how slavery affected the society. The opposers assert that slavery was an unfortunate incident to happen to mankind not only because of the experiences endured by the victims but also because slavery triggered a permanent tag that fostered negative aspects like racism. However, the proposing group has wider perspectives that argue that the existence of slavery was the best platform that helped to shape the status of current America economically as well as social justice. The proposers also confirm that slavery brought forth a great impact on music as a crucial element of art. For this reason, the proposed article aims at investigating the effects of slavery in contemporary society by first looking at the history of slavery, its demise or evolution, and whether or not it exists in contemporary society. These ideas will grant a clear perspective that will assist in analyzing whether slavery is positively or negatively affecting the current society.
Theoretical framework
The proposal will be under the guide of interpretive perspective specifically by Tetsushi, (2009). The article offers the most appropriate interpretive perspective because it places its focus on crucial factors that foresaw the existence of slavery and how it affected the past and present society. The proposal will also be under the guide of an article by Ed Kopp “a brief history of the blues”. This article is an exceptional piece because it discuses how slavery fostered the realization of current American music since it argues that music began from the farm plantations that the slaves toiled on, and it gradually revolved from jazz, blues, and hip-hop. Therefore, slavery triggered economic benefits as well as a crucial element of art.

Application of literature review on the history of slavery and how it affects the contemporary society despite that it ended centuries ago. The literature will incorporate a wide range of articles that relate to the topic so as to deeply understand the effects that slavery brought forth.

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