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Internet Article

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Internet Article

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Internet Article
The article that was chosen for this assignment mainly talks about the use of Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) applications to better client engagement and increase sales. In the article, the author states that the mobile AR market is fast getting primed for the retail sector. Further, she states that, by combining the in-store and online shopping trips, this technology promises to give an immersive online shopping feeling, unlike anything that buyers have experienced before.
At the moment, mobile AR is among the most sourced technologies for bettering the customers’ digital shopping feel. From the article, this is because the invention recreates the try-on experience, hence bringing the store experience to the homes of the consumers. In essence, mobile AR allows clients to try out several variations and sizes of products online, or just get a glance of what “an item looks like overlaid into their home” without having to make a trip to the shop or commitment to purchase (Hollander para. 2). As the author further elaborates, the technology can also be utilized in-store to speedily offer commodity information or direct users to the right product using the location-based services. This level of convenience can help heighten engagement, reduce conversation times, widen the customers’ geographical reach, reduce product returns, increase larger item purchases, and build brand loyalty.
Evidently, this …

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