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International Relation (Scenario)

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International Relations (Scenario)
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International Relations (Scenario)
The United States Military: Post War
The American military has been involved in both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars in recent times. Both of these wars have been recorded and described as the bloodiest wars in recent times. It is said that, possibly, hundreds of thousands of people died in both of these wars. People are still dying, though in small numbers as the wars come to an end. The Iraq war is virtually over and the Americans have pulled their troops from the country. The Afghanistan war is a bit more complicated and over 51, 000 American soldiers are still in the country. Both of these wars have had an unprecedented effect, both on finances and the death toll on the American military personnel. In terms of costs, the American government has spent over $1.7 trillion dollars in both of these wars. The cost is incomprehensible and has been a major source of concern to the American citizenry, apart from the rising death toll. Over 4,000 military personnel have lost their lives in these wars. The American citizenry has been divided over the wars and most Americans have demanded for withdrawal of troops from these countries. The main reason for the public outcry is the economic effects of these wars on the American population. The government has spent an unprecedented amount of money on the wars (Bilmes, 2013). As the costs spiraled out of cont…

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