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Intermediate Services in The Cloud

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Intermediate Services in The Cloud

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Intermediate Services in The Cloud
3 Platforms
Examples of PaaS providers include Apprenda which provides companies with a cost-saving opportunity. It is a PaaS platform as it allows users to refrain from internal structures and information technology. Another provider is Pivotal which enables users to scale applications, build and deploy them. Red Hat OpenShift is another provider that helps app developers by preventing instances of messy IT (“Paas Examples” n.p).
Potential Benefits and Risks
Apprenda helps app developers by eliminating the internal infrastructures. However, that might result in compromising the working of the final product which will be a significant disadvantage to an organization. The Pivotal platform offers users several advantages such as open source integration and planning. However, the platform is unable to cater for all the materials required for an organization hence ends up presenting a mediocre product. Red Hat OpenShift helps developers in focusing on their customer. However, that can turn out to be a disadvantage as an enterprise might forget about other operations of the business.
Analysis of Budget Considerations
One advantage of the PaaS compared to other such services is that it covers the management of the software. That forms one of the aspects to consider when selecting and planning the budget of the provider to choose. Another feature relating to budget for PaaS is the…

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