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Celestina Luli
Professor Rees Shad
Media Design
Essay nr 5
Brain-Computer Interface
In the modern world, the interrelation between technology and the natural environment has been enhanced to follow direct command. To carry out a function with a device, you need to touch it or speak to it. The new industrial science, Brain-Computer Interface (BCI), will impact a change in every part of the world. Brain-computer interface is the system which controls the central nervous system (Hassanien and Azar 4). At any moment when we are thinking, moving, feeling or remembering something, our neurons are at work. Our brain engages with those neurons and specific nerve cells where they merge with one another to form an axon. The incredible technology will not only assist in the development of military applications but will also offer considerable assistance to the Medical community. It brings the possibility of sound and visualization to the blind and the gestures to the physically challenged. The developments being made on BCI are all directed to creating a new relationship between computers and the human beings.
Brain-computer interface provides an accurate arrangement of possibilities for people with physical disabilities. Through the technology, the lives of many people who are suffering from illnesses or complications such as paralysis, locked in syndrome, or stroke could be changed entirely. The brain-computer interface has facilitated the challenging process of replacing…

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