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Inter-cultural exchanges between Saudis and North Americans

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Inter-cultural exchanges between Saudis and North Americans

Category: Research Proposal

Subcategory: Tourism

Level: Academic

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Words: 275

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13 May 2015
Inter-Cultural Exchanges between Saudis and North Americans
Tourism is the best way to introduce the cultural diversity and rich ethnicity of this world. This proposal will showcase how a tourist company can diffuse cultural diversity in order to bring the Saudis and North Americans closer to each other. The questions will bring up the issues and benefits of a tourist company based on inter-cultural exchanges between Saudis and North Americans.
What are the primary resources needed for this tourist company?
As religion can be a sensitive issue, what measures should be adapted to run the company without any hassle?
Is the country of the company has any role to play in bridging these two different cultures?
The aim of this research is to explore the business prospect of inter-cultural exchanges focused on the completely different lifestyles of Saudis and North Americans and the input of tourism in bridging their cultures. Basically, the research will look for the melting point where the idealism of etiquette of Saudis will meet the care free pragmatism of North Americans. So far no such a company or an organization has been developed focusing on the inter-cultural exchanges between Saudis and North Americans. Thus, it holds high regards in the context of international cultural tourism. The project design must consist of gathering resources, surveying the scenarios of tourism of Saudi Arabia and North America, factors o…

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