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Instituional Racism and the Racial Disparity in the United StatesCriminal Justice System.

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Instituional Racism and the Racial Disparity in the United StatesCriminal Justice System.

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Philosophy

Level: University

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Words: 1925

Institutional Racism and the Racial Disparity in the United States Criminal Justice System
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The United States is among the most diverse democratic nations in the world. The nation’s gains in economic success nonetheless, are not shared uniformly across society, as whole fragments of the communities of America have become marginalized. One essential element of this marginalization is the contrasting treatment persons of color receive incrementally across the entire spectrum of the Criminal Justice System of America. Ethnic and racial disparities cultivate mistrust in the Criminal Justice System, and this slows down the ability to promote public safety. Institutional Racism is a form of disparity that is borne out of policies within institutions that racially disadvantages a section of people while benefitting another group. The issue is rampant within the Criminal Justice System in the United States, and many minorities have accused the system of racial bias against members of their group. While the issue of race being perpetrated on a national scale is a matter up for debate with some people claiming that racism has majorly been addressed, some believe that racism has evolved and taken other forms. Racism has historically seen injustices meted on minority groups that have been subjugated, racially abused and denied equal access to resources. Recent developments have seen significant improvement in that regard. However, …

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