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Insights from Narratives

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Insights from Narratives
The ‘Turn the Screw’ Henry James is a novella with its original content written in a choreographed language. It is difficult for one to do interpretations without a deeper interest in the text written and many have tried to know what the text means and the original intention of the author in passing his message to scholars. There is an evil twinge and twist in the story line, but there exists a brilliant idea for one who understands the novella. An anonymous narrator reads a script to Douglas, a trusted friend though he is no longer alive. The script and storyline is about the man hired by the governess after assuming the responsibility of the young nephew and niece after their parents died. He does not take an active role in raising he children as he sees them as a nuisance. The ghosts in the narration are a special classification with a control of the living and are in touch with those they believe are good and pure in hearts, the children who are their parents.
The ghost world controls the living in an indirect way and those in touch with it feel the strength that it carries. There are direct influences in the human spirits and the dead. The plan and role of the human condition and psyche to do evil is uncontrolled by another greater strength in the human body. Sometimes people learn of bad and evil things that people they trusted and held with a high regard after their demise and sometimes confused on the type of feelings they should preserve towards each other. People often lie to themselves and to others to favor the situation that they find themselves in. For instance, in the ‘Turn the Screw’, Miss Jessel and Mr. Quint, with the former being a governess and the latter an employee had sexual relations behind everyone’s back. It is unacceptable in the real expectations and the society condones such behavior between a leader and the employees.
The human condition is a complex one and psychology tries to make educated guesses on why man behaves the way they do. Why they presume the truth when in the real sense they belief that they are more superior to others. There is a presented tendency for each person to have the feeling that they are better than others are and think of others as wrong in each and everything that they undertake. The social environment, which a person brought influences how they interpret the surrounding that they find themselves.
The narrator in Bartleby narrates of how a new member of the staff as among the strangest person that he has ever interacted. Other old staff members are scriveners who have funny conditions that bring a balance in the office albeit with humor. Drunkenness and irritability in the office all day are some hard things that the narrator feels they withstand among the employees. The narrator hires the Bartleby with the hope and belief that his demeanor will bring a calmness and sobriety in the office. The boy turns out to be the complete opposite and seems to have personal issues that he struggles with and out rightly refuses to perform any duty assigned to him at the office. After much struggle, the narrator later comes to learn that Bartleby worked in a ‘dead letter office’ and may have had influences in how he behaved while he worked for him. He later dies when taken to prison after refusing to take food even after the narrator extends instructions for him to have special treatment.
The narrative in the story is clear that it is hard to understand how the human mind reasons. The narrator tries to do their best to provide a good and healthy working condition for the Bartleby character and despite what they do, it is not enough as the young man is cold in the heart. The narrator later comes to know that the man had a long and bad past that played an influence in how he behaved. This shows that the environment we spend most of our time has a way it shapes our destinies and how far we go in life. We should, however, make the life of others easier when they try their best to incorporate us in their lives and activities. The best we can do is give the best, especially in our workplaces.
All our actions and thoughts are a result from the biochemical processes that happen within the human mind. What we do and think depends on the society and natural conditions that happen beyond the human control amongst other power. If a person has more power in their minds and bodies, they can influence other people positively and negatively and each has the choice to make between the good and the evil.
Death is a natural for all people and the only way to deal with the ‘spirits’ that haunt, after one dies, has a total rejection of them. There should be no connection between the living and the dead though some believe that if a person dies, they can haunt those who treated them bad in their lifetime. Whether true or not, we should treat others equally and accord them the respect that we would like extended to us by the others.
It is hard to understand the tendency that the humankind lies to themselves. If all people are true to their internal motives and the treat others well, there would be peace and less human suffering if there would be honesty in all the human dealings and actions towards each other. The world would be a better place to live if people treat others well. That way, there would be better understanding to the human condition and the human mind. If people are honest and open to each other and the way they do things, the human race would better understand and live in harmony with each other.
People often have assumed that those who do not agree with their ideologies have some defectives. However, the different ideologies and ways of thinking are what make life interesting and the way people interact. In all the narratives, ‘Heart of Darkness’, ‘The Remains of the Day’, ‘Bartleby the Scrivenerr’ and the ‘Turn of the Screw’ there are lessons on how the human mind reasons and attempts to explain how the human condition successful as the knowledge helps us understand why certain things happen in the way they do.
The Heart of Darkness attempts to bring the hypocrisy that exists within the human heart as they do their daily activities and they may do things attached to the personal gain they will have on a situation. The important thing is learning how to control the ulterior motives that may happen when such start to enter the heart. The heart is either light or dark depending on the choices that one makes in daily life.
In conclusion, the unreliability of the first person narrators in the scripts help us understand the human psyche and condition in that we have a better understanding on how we expect a normal human being to behave under some situations and conditions. A person will have a bias towards things that benefit them more than any other thing. The first’s person narration in a story narrated to how the person needs to have the story appear to the world and some things omitted as they do what they want and give a picture of what they want the world to know.
Lying to others is the norm in daily life and has become an accepted voice with people lying left, right and center for their own personal and selfish illusions. Any story told by a person has the true side not presented therefore leaving many questions to almost all narratives. There are many influences on the human condition and emotions shaped by many factors like their religion, birth, growth, and the conflicts that they go through in their daily life activities. It tries to understand the meaning of life and why people are simply alive and the moral concerns of life and how there are moral decays that happen with time as one grows up and faces many situations.

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