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Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Criminal law

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

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A couple of years ago my two friends and I, one female and the other male, headed downtown at about 11 p.m to watch some film in one of the theatres in the region. The male friend, aged 22 years, had a distinct appearance than what is socially considered “upright” since he wore ear studs, the hair was dyed and plaited, and his body covered in tattoos. His dress code was also different from the rest of us making his overall outward appearance to resemble that of a typical gang member. However, he had never been involved in any form of criminal behavior before.
While a few blocks from the theatre a police patrol car drove by and, while slowing down, one of the officers instructed us to stop. Both officers got out of the car and inquired where we were headed but seemed dissatisfied with our explanation and started to search us. The police took less than a minute to search the female friend and me and over ten minutes on the male friend whom they also used some slightly more force than on us. It appeared the officers suspected the tattooed friend of being in the wrong due to his demeanor and their prejudice against him while they should have subjected us all to equal frisks.
I ignored the prejudice then but now I would promote equal treatment of civilians by police officials. In essence, it appears people’s physical appearance subjects them to either fair or unfair treatment from law enforcers which affects the tr…

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