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Informed consent

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Informed consent

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Nursing

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Informed consent is an act of getting authorization for carrying out a health care intervention for a patient. The health care provider asks the patient to give permission before performing the therapy. It is believed to have been granted upon a clear comprehension as well as understanding the facts, repercussions, and penalties of the action. To give informed consent, the person involved ought to have incorporated significant reasoning faculties and has to be in the custody of all pertinent facts. Impairments to reasoning as well as judgments can prevent informed consent.
Implications of Informed consent
The rudiments of informed consent consist of notifying the patient of the features of the treatment to be given, a possible alternative to the procedures, besides to the would-be risks and benefits of the said treatment. Implications of informed consent are that the risk is shared between the parties involved. Since the bargaining parties are equal legally, the doctor proves that the choice made by the patient is the best. Here, the reputation and the physician’s professional responsibility is at risk (Speer, Susan, and Stokoe2014). The rights of doctors do not apply in this legally binding. The doctor has no legal right to treat someone, according to their opinion, hence legal document makes it difficult for the health care providers to disseminate their skills and save lives. However, there are some cases whereby the document does not legally bind a healthcar…

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